Sunday, December 28, 2008

GODS & QUEENS lyrics posted for "untitled" 12"+CD

Although this isn't audio or video, I don't really know where else to post it. Direct from Jamie Getz earlier today:

do with these whatever you want. and no i'm not breaking them up song by song, or whatever. i'm pretty easily laid out.

tonights the night i'm gonna over dose on pills. get these blinds off my eyes. the camera sees everything, damn camera see it's all. that's not ours. i said that's not ours, now put it back. i'm almost over this depressed mess, when are you coming home? late nights and deep breaths are all that you'll ever know. it's straight lookin'. what do we have to buy? if i can't swallow i'll be alright. this is the last time, you said that last time. i've said it 5 years before. move the furniture in my room, and you'll find those hidden spoons. so we fake our smiles, and pretened that no one knows. pictures leave the words alone. just act like no one knows. just calm down. relax it's all ok. this is now, this is for today. i guess this makes you sick? the same clothes for days. thank yourself, this time has almost passed. such simple words are what i need when i wake up...i want to sleep. whisper words alone. no bags no clothes, the other side of this bed is gonna stay cold. this never sounds right, on paper with pen, it never reads right. hello friends, it's me again. we'll stay awake for days with the curtains drawn. stick a hose into the tail pipe. make sure the widows are up and air tight. i needed to meet you, yeah what's your name? a bottle of sleeping pills, and a cheap bottle of wine. i'm having thoughts about suicide. hey blake, not much has changed. their faces are younger, the problems still the same. the price is negotiable but you've already resigned that you're willing to do it. remove the basic hygiene. i needed to meet you, yeah, what's your name? i'm gonna use the same veins again and again and again. i'm gonna make you regret the tattoos, and the rest. this will be the last time, this will be the end. my bed is soaking with sweat, and i'm crawling. words lose their meaning when you repeate them. memories will make amends, this time we'll pretend. god damn i live this way? i hear you. recut open scars today? feel alive i hear your name? i see you. dissapointed myself again, you see the eyes, and the shape i'm in? 7 bags on the floor. i hear you...and if they call, we're gonna lie. we'll lie to them. it's almost the same thing we started from, it's almost done. dehydrated dry skin, i scratched myself into a mess...i'm over this. the last time, so bittersweet, at 11:00 a.m., i'm sick from this, and what's ahead. cover up the mirrors so i can't see the failures from the night before, curled behind the shower door. i don't want to lie, i've been awake for days but, when i do, i do to you. if you don't know it's all the same. there are holes in everything i own. sew my life together. deep breahts, chapped lips, rapid heart beats. it's say my friends are just like me. reflux, throw up, i give up, i've had enough. there's never any way to stop here. is there another way for us to communicate? even when you wait, sometimes things won't be the same. who's gonna copywrite all the good lines, like "there's no where to run, and there's no where to hide"? take drugs to come up, drug to come down, level me out. how pathetic's that sound? sometimes, i feel like i'm the only one.

There you have it, a window into the drug-recovered mind of Jamie Getz. I don't know why he refused to include these in the actual packaging of the 12"+CD in the first place, but whatever here they are now.

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