Thursday, December 11, 2008

GARUDA - Cold Wired Sentiment

2002 release of GARUDA's sole non-robo output, Cold Wired Sentiment. We had these guys open up our Mutation compilation as their track ripped the hardest, and the material found on this debut EP is equally powerful. They mix the perfect amount of death metal, grindcore, melody and sludge as only sons of Texas could produce.

Got to see these dudes live once in Richmond and they absolutely devastated. Had they stayed together I truly think they could've been a household name (in the metal underground world, of course).

* download GARUDA - Cold Wired Sentiment (via MediaFire)
* download GARUDA - Cold Wired Sentiment (via RapidShare)

Pretty much punk-ish grinding death metal with memorable riffs galore. Don't know anything else about this band, what the dudes did after GARUDA broke up, etc. What I do know is that this EP totally shreds, is probably long unavailable (released by the obscure "So, Why Worry?" label/zine) and the only other thing available by these dudes is Robotic Empire's Mutation compilation CD release.

We're selling Mutation for only 5 bucks so if you like what you hear on Cold Wired Sentiment, please consider checking out Mutation!

UPDATE: be sure to also check out this post for additional demos and a few final, unreleased songs from GARUDA!


  1. Garuda came together after Slave One (another great Fort Worth band) broke up. All the members (to my knowledge) are still residing in the DFW area, but are not currently active in any bands. Some moved to Dallas, some got married and had kids. They may possibly play a reunion show in Feb '09 as a benifit to a friend who is currently in a coma after a traffic accident.

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  3. ...and they are probably one of the best punk/hardcore/metal bands to ever come out of Fort Worth. I really think they could've blown up as well.

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys at the now closed wreckroom in ftw. Great show, great sound. Its sad to hear they are not together anymore. I was actually listening to this cd and googled garuda and found your site. I think I will bookmark it now because of your great taste in music.

  5. Thanks for the kind words. Garuda will be playing 2 shows in May. May 1st @ Lola's in Fort Worth, Texas. And MAy 2nd @ Lovejoys in Austin. More info on our Myspace page.
    Thanks, Brian, Garuda

  6. They just played tonight at Lola's saloon in Fort Worth & will be in Austin tomorrow night at Lovejoy's. I haven't these guys on stage in 7 years, great to hear they can still rock the house after all this time!

  7. I scoured the internet for cold wired sentiment a while back (before this great blog)after remembering their write up in some old copy of Resound... man, memories.


    We're Back!! Check it out!!