Sunday, July 4, 2010

Italian Obscurities (?) + more stupid GODS & QUEENS shit

Our dawgs at Sons of Vesta records have made a section of their website full of free downloads that kinda mirrors this here blog: Lost & Found is what they're calling it.

Semi-related to Robotic Empire are the live ANCIENT SKY and PIZZA recordings from Richmond that are posted there, and fully-related to us is the GODS & QUEENS full EP they posted in full (with bonus QUICKSAND cover included)! That stuff and the other European jams they've posted are completely free and definitely worth checking out.

On that note, its worth mentioning that the GODS & QUEENS blog has been pretty hilarious (and insulting) lately. Plus, this old video they made never really got seen by anyone so its worth posting here too. Its from the 2nd track on the LP we released (just a few copies of that left):

So last but not least, we've got these fools' crap for sale:

* GODS & QUEENS in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

That includes the last of the debut LP we released (co-released w/ Adagio 830) and the physical 12" version of their newly imported EP, of which it seems we are the exclusive US distributor for? Pretty crazy!

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