Saturday, July 10, 2010

CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (unreleased / final recordings)

Just found this lurking in the archives, the unreleased CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION "Antenna Builder" tracks. Originally intended for release across 2 splits (with PG.99 and PIG DESTROYER) that never actually happened, both the band and label hemmed and hawed about how to exactly release this material after they disbanded... until finally, nothing ever happened. We've talked about a proper release of this on and off for years, and I'm not saying it'll never happen, but in case it doesn't here the tracks are for free anyway.

There's so much to say about CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION that it could easily be as long as this blog's entire previous content, so I'll skip the general windbaggery overall. I will simply say that this band had a very lasting impression on a small group of people who seemed to actually "get it" as they were way beyond what a typical band usually is/does... CIC being actively subversive with graffiti writing robots, reverse-engineering video games (providing instructions in several languages explaining how to do so), WalMart-legal-team-inducing barcode swapping databases and generators, technical metalcore before most had even heard of the genre(s), and lots of other equally awesome and nerdy things.

Another blog (Blue Skies Above Us) has kindly provided much of the rest of the CIC catalog. Another experience of the band and a good read in general, you should probably check that out here if you aren't familiar with their back-catalog, as I don't necessarily feel that "Antenna Builder" is the best place to start. Although probably their highest-fidelity recording (captured in a European studio in the middle of touring there), while still solid, "Antenna Builder" doesn't exactly capture the raw energy and intensity of their two 12" releases, In_Silico and Automata.

There was some form of this material publicly available online years ago, which seems to be generally lost to time. These MP3s were just ripped from the original WAVs so they should be pretty solid quality-wise.

"Part 1" is buffered by a few minutes of noise, but is the last recorded "song" know of by CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION. "Part 2" is the ANTENNACLE remix version, constructed in part by folks also responsible for the mayhem known as BASTARD NOISE.

* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via MediaFire)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via RapidShare)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via SendSpace)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - a bunch of other stuff (via Blue Skies Above Us)

* old CIC website (via - still has most of the lyrics and other info on the band
* Deep Local - IT/tech project that vocalist Nathan Martin now helms
* ANTENNACLE on myspace
* CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION (and related) items in the Robotic Empire Online Store


  1. Here are some videos of the game, Super Kid Fighter, from Child As Audience:


  2. I saw these guys play with Kalibas, The Dream Is Dead, Premonitions of War and Searching for Chin in Toledo, Ohio back about 8 yrs ago to about 15 people. What an amazing band they were! All of them actually.

  3. I have all the 7 songs that were re-recorded for the split, the Radio Bronka pirate radio broadcast cdr and the uum/CIC noise split 3 inch cd if anyone wants me to upload, my email is

  4. So I uploaded their ENTIRE discography, hope everyone enjoys, it took me nearly 10 years to get everything. A HUGE thank you to robotic obscurities for completing my collection!