Friday, May 7, 2010

GODS & QUEENS - New EP streaming + lyrics posted

Jamie Getz has unfortunately been a part of my life for years, not only as a smartass friend, but also providing the soundtrack for many workdays. Robotic Empire's stupidly done two releases with him, the shortlived trainwreck known as VERSOMA and the somehow-functional mess known as GODS & QUEENS.

With too many personal changes going on and the label really busy as of late, GODS & QUEENS found another home for their latest recordings, fortunately in the hands of our Italian friends Sons of Vesta... who got duped into releasing G&Q's latest 5-song EP. I personally love this release, been addicted to it since hearing the rough mixes and want everyone to check out the record streaming in its entirety for free right here.

In a classic fashion (like last time), Jamie emailed me the lyrics for the release in one large sloppy mess of a paragraph. It was almost indecipherable, so I chopped it up by song the best I could. For documentation purposes, here they are:

5 years ago and i'm still left guessing what would have happened if i wasn't depressed, and would you still be obsessing about all the bad things you've done? i've heard all about the weight you can't lift. i've heard all about how you're getting thin. i still remember the first time we met, the alcoholism, and your drug addled mess. but before we go and cut this off again...

i'm sorry that your family died. you expected this would take some time. you can't get yourself out of bed with all these childhood thoughts stuck in your head. so, i don't wanna know how you're doing, and i don't wanna hear about how you've been. you didn't know that her heart keeps beating, because machines kept her breathing.
i just wanna know how you're doing, i just wanna hear about how you've been. are you scared, and sick of being told that "it's alright", and "it's ok".

pacing around the house, hoping to find something new. turned the heat on, turned the heat off, even double checked the phone. it's like everything is happening someplace else. up and down the same 5 steps... there's nothing new. doesn't everything sound great when you're falling apart?

you said "you caught me, and it's a bad time", well, when do you thinks the best time i can call you back?

did you know i was married once just for fun? or that i almost died once? it was from drugs. please stop trying to reach me, please just leave me alone. you've been talking for hours, on your own. please stop trying to reach me, please just leave me alone.

That's it. Buy the EP from Sons of Vesta, or buy GODS & QUEENS crap from us too. :)


  1. Will the EP be coming to the Robotic Empire store soon?

  2. Yes, I think Sons of Vesta sent/is sending us a decent amount