Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brief update and THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB - Discography (re-post)

It's been an absolutely insane year, so that’s why there hasn't been much for posts here. I hope to remedy this in the future, which may result in shorter (less descriptive) posts since I still have a ton of weird archived stuff, but just no time to really write about it all as extensively as I'd like to.

Fortunately somebody else has scratched one off the ol' checklist for me and posted the entire THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB discography. I could say a lot about this (mostly good things, a couple bad) but Alex over at How Can They Intend To Heal kinda spelled out pretty well. The entire THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB recorded discography can be found in his lengthy post about the band. This blog is pretty thorough too, with a bunch of other rad and/or obscure Canadian hardcore/etc (do yourself a solid and check out ACRID).

THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB was cool to work with despite not knowing them terribly well. Definitely an underrated band that had a lot of potential to create something truly great, but kinda dissolved before the fabled full-length ever made fruition. RIYL: THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SPREAD THE DISEASE, BOTCH, other good/obscure "old man mathcore".

p.s. their The Initial Confessions Of... 7" and Mutation CD comp are both available for pretty cheap here. Init also has the CDep version of The Initial Confessions Of... for like 2 bucks, so if you dig this stuff please support that over here.

01/24/10 UPDATE: posted two more "lost" tracks of theirs! posted separately, read/download here.

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