Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reader Submission: THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB - Final Piece of the Puzzle

Big ups to Rik from Midnight Manhunt for sending over a THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB session not covered in our (er, How They Intend To Heal's) previous "discography" post about the band. He pretty much spells out everything there is to say, so... without further blathering:

Subject: robotic obscurities: the abandoned hearts club
hi there Robotic!
i read the blog post about The Abandoned Hearts Club and may have something for you.
right when the band self-released their own CD (before it was re-released by Init), i ordered their CD and got a free CD-r with it. The CD-r (with artwork and liner notes) contains 2 songs recorded live for a radio session.

maybe it would be something for your obscurities blog?

here's the download link:
some more info: This was recorded live in Studio 3 for re-broadcast on CIUT's "Equalizing-X-Distort". The Abandoned Hearts Club played on Sunday April 7, 2002 at 10:30 pm. The band played 5 songs, but due to technical difficulties we were only able to capture 2 songs. The CD-R which this was released on was limited to 20 copies.

i added the front and back from the CD-R as well here.



Thanks again Rik, if anyone else has "reader submissions" to send in, please go fer it!


  1. Thanks!

    I haven't listened to the Abandoned Hearts Club but I guess I'm gonna like it!

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  3. damn man! im almost mad i didnt know about this when i posted the discography on my blog (which i thank you for link up to) ive linked you on my site now as well!

    thanks a bunch for this!

  4. Ah awesome, aloha cocksuckers really needs a proper release, great band.