Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HASSAN I SABBAH 7" and more stuff now available elsewhere...

Whoa over a year and no posts... that's pretty bad! What can I say? Been busy...

But as of late been digging up some old (and new) stuff and chucking it on ye olde Robotic Empire Bandcamp page. So far it's got a few newer releases and some older stuff, but more stuff is likely to wind up there than here (for now at least).

In the meantime here's the first "old gem" we posted:

Just came across the master WAV files for the oldass HASSAN I SABBAH 7". This shit rules, so its now available as a pay-whatever-ya-want highquality download!

* Robotic Empire bandcamp

That's pretty much it for now. Check out the Bandcamp page for future stuff... enjoy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robotic Empire & Mirror Universe - Free Sampler 2k10 - INFO N' JUNX

OK here's a little more info on all the songs you're about to download. We've slapped together 18 tracks from a bunch of different releases we've been a part of over the past year or so, along with a few our partner label Mirror Universe has busted out, as well as a few sneak preview cuts for all the diehards.

Thanks for checking this out, we hope you enjoy something here! -Team Robo

* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe - Free Sampler 2k10 via MediaFire
* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe - Free Sampler 2k10 via RapidShare
* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe - Free Sampler 2k10 via SendSpace

1.) BAD SECRETS - Go and Leave
Originally from Robo 087, Self-Titled 9"+CD. Currently available both in physical format and digital download:
BAD SECRETS in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

2.) NEON BASTARD - Steven Tyler
Opening track on Robo 090, Meikhaus CD. Available September 7th, 2010 in physical format & digital download:
NEON BASTARD in the Robotic Empire - Online Store (link won't actually yield results until early September)
(search iTunes, emusic, amazonMP3 or whatever around early September)

3.) FLOOR - Downed Star
From Robo 084, Below & Beyond Deluxe Box Set or 8xCD set. Deluxe edition & digital downloads still available:
FLOOR in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
FLOOR on iTunes

4.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN - Fuck the Best, Take the Rest (teaser)
Teaser segment of a 9 minute song. Closer to the Small/Dark/Door available October 5th, 2010 as CD & digital:
VANESSA VAN BASTEN in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

5.) TIDELAND - Braindead on the Interstate
Opening track from Robo 095, Asleep In The Graveyard 12". Still available from us on LP. Digital available too:
TIDELAND in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
TIDELAND on iTunes

6.) YOUNG WIDOWS - Lucky and Hardheaded (live)
Originally from Robo 97, Live Radio Performance April 6, 2009. Currently available on vinyl and digital download:
YOUNG WIDOWS in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

7.) CAPSULE - Just Three Lines
Originally from a tour-only CD, then from a digital-only release, now also from Robo 094, Self-Titled (aka, Tape + Demo + Tour + More) which is currently available as a 12" LP and/or digital download:
CAPSULE in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
CAPSULE on iTunes

8.) DIAL - Sweating
Originally from Robo 088, Self-Titled CDep. Currently available as either physical CD and/or digital download:
DIAL in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
DIAL on iTunes

9.) HEWHOCORRUPTS - Sell em All (MIDI)
From Robo 076, Midi of Profits USB Bracelet (easily one of the wackiest releases we've done). Available here:
HEWHOCORRUPTS in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

10.) THOU - By Every Hand Betrayed
From Robo 089, Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For 12" and cassette. Both currently available here:
THOU in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
THOU free downloads galore

11.) BATTLEMASTER - Death is a Warm Cube
From Universe #2, split 7" with INTER ARMA. Partner label Mirror Universe release, currently available here:
BATTLEMASTER in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

12.) MEDUSA - Mediatrix
From RoboTape05, En Raga Sul Cassette. Totally killer album, still available on tape and other formats here:
MEDUSA in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
MEDUSA on iTunes

13.) EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Nil or the Nile
Originally from Robo 008, sic[sic] CD, now from forthcoming Robo 048, Discography 12". Available soonish here:
EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE in the Robotic Empire - Online Store (link won't yield much until the 12" is actually done in a month or two)

14.) FLOOR - On the Money
Late-era demo from Robo 084, Below & Beyond Deluxe Box Set or 8xCD set. Deluxe edition & digital available:
FLOOR in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
FLOOR on iTunes

15.) ENEMY SOIL - My Religion
Originally from Fractured Theology 3" miniCD on Profane Existence, then from the Smashes The State discography 2xCD on Bones Brigade, now currently available from us as a digital download release:
ENEMY SOIL in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
ENEMY SOIL on iTunes

16.) INTER ARMA - 2000 Years
From Universe #3, Sundown 12". Partner label Mirror Universe release (split with Forcefield). LP available here:
INTER ARMA in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

17.) TIDELAND - Crash
Saddest track from Robo 095, Asleep In The Graveyard 12". Still available from us on LP. Digital available too:
TIDELAND in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
TIDELAND on iTunes

18.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN - Domio '95
From forthcoming Robo 078, Closer to the Small/Dark/Door. Available October 5th, 2010 as CD & digital DL:
VANESSA VAN BASTEN in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

That's pretty much it. 18 random tracks from across the board. Most of this stuff is currently available, but some will be out real soon. Please check out our Online Store and/or blog though as that's where all the news and records wind up. Thanks!

-Robotic Empire

Oh yeah, if you're into the whole "social networking" crap we wrangle some of that stuff too:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (unreleased / final recordings)

Just found this lurking in the archives, the unreleased CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION "Antenna Builder" tracks. Originally intended for release across 2 splits (with PG.99 and PIG DESTROYER) that never actually happened, both the band and label hemmed and hawed about how to exactly release this material after they disbanded... until finally, nothing ever happened. We've talked about a proper release of this on and off for years, and I'm not saying it'll never happen, but in case it doesn't here the tracks are for free anyway.

There's so much to say about CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION that it could easily be as long as this blog's entire previous content, so I'll skip the general windbaggery overall. I will simply say that this band had a very lasting impression on a small group of people who seemed to actually "get it" as they were way beyond what a typical band usually is/does... CIC being actively subversive with graffiti writing robots, reverse-engineering video games (providing instructions in several languages explaining how to do so), WalMart-legal-team-inducing barcode swapping databases and generators, technical metalcore before most had even heard of the genre(s), and lots of other equally awesome and nerdy things.

Another blog (Blue Skies Above Us) has kindly provided much of the rest of the CIC catalog. Another experience of the band and a good read in general, you should probably check that out here if you aren't familiar with their back-catalog, as I don't necessarily feel that "Antenna Builder" is the best place to start. Although probably their highest-fidelity recording (captured in a European studio in the middle of touring there), while still solid, "Antenna Builder" doesn't exactly capture the raw energy and intensity of their two 12" releases, In_Silico and Automata.

There was some form of this material publicly available online years ago, which seems to be generally lost to time. These MP3s were just ripped from the original WAVs so they should be pretty solid quality-wise.

"Part 1" is buffered by a few minutes of noise, but is the last recorded "song" know of by CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION. "Part 2" is the ANTENNACLE remix version, constructed in part by folks also responsible for the mayhem known as BASTARD NOISE.

* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via MediaFire)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via RapidShare)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - Antenna Builder (via SendSpace)
* download CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION - a bunch of other stuff (via Blue Skies Above Us)

* old CIC website (via - still has most of the lyrics and other info on the band
* Deep Local - IT/tech project that vocalist Nathan Martin now helms
* ANTENNACLE on myspace
* CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION (and related) items in the Robotic Empire Online Store

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BREATHER RESIST - Non-Album Tracks (Singles and Splits +demos)

This can't be every non-album thing that BREATHER RESIST recorded, but this is everything I have/could find.

I first met these guys under somewhat tumultuous conditions in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. One of the guitarists of DAUGHTERS, who I was touring with at the time, had issue with a guy in Louisville for knocking up his girlfriend's sister and generally being a deadbeat dad about it. Coming from a somewhat broken home situation, the DAUGHTERS vocalist announced every song they played that night with alternate song titles:

"Normally this song is called 'Pants, Meet Shit', but tonight its called 'Crowd, Meet Piece of Shit Deadbeat Dad'", etc.

While DAUGHTERS was performing, I could see members of the crowd getting visibly agitated. Here were these surly guys from Providence, Rhode Island basically spitting in the face of one of the locals... who was definitely there at the show and very upset, gathering up the biggest dudes he could find. I watched this unfold from a vantage point behind the merch table, fully expecting an ugly brawl to erupt at any time.

The "biggest dudes he could find" mentioned above, turned out to be part of COLISEUM and the bulk of BREATHER RESIST, who were also set to play after DAUGHTERS that night. Fortunately these guys actually had level heads, and didn't recklessly defend their friend (who, in the end, was clearly the one in the wrong). Long story short: the tension was high the whole night, and their set sort of suffered as a result. The whole show did really, but it ended on a lighter note when some young attendee completely unrelated to all parties involved tried to start a drunken argument with the DAUGHTERS guys over it.

"Why u comin to my town n' talkin shit?" again and again was all this belligerent fool could muster, and in the end with barely a retort from any of us, this kid was bawling his eyes out. He essentially ran away crying, which made NO sense but was pretty hilarious and shifted the mood a bit. Maybe off topic, but the point of all that is that my first impression of BREATHER RESIST was badly skewed, and it wasn't until I formally met them a month or so later that I realized what they truly had going on.

I'd jumped in the van with STOP IT!! for a weekend of shows (another story for another day?) which including a loose festival in North Carolina. BREATHER RESIST were also on the bill, and before they played I got a chance to talk to them about the DAUGHTERS/Louisville fiasco a bit. Lo and behold, these big scary looking dudes were totally friendly, approachable and generally very warm people. I hit it off with them right away with some mutual friends and interests, and was thoroughly blown away when they played. Almost like a bastard cousin of BOTCH, but with roots in the old Washington, DC scenes instead of those in Washington state.

An enormous amount of equipment was lugged in and set up by these guys. Four longhaired n' lumbering, barrel-chested beasts dressed entirely in black loaded in a sheer mountain of music gear, nearly a WALL of amps, creating an absolutely daunting image. Then the tunes kicked in: the lights hidden in some of the speaker cabinets blaring unexpectedly & directly at the crowd while these heathens furiously headbanged to the offkilter jams. The volume was incredible and the impact intense. I left with my jaw dropped, and the rest of STOP IT!! were equally impressed, despite their very different sound and varied musical tastes.

That's the memory of BREATHER RESIST that sticks out to me the most: the impact and fury of that first proper performance I witnessed that day. They became friends, stayed at my house over the years, turned into YOUNG WIDOWS and PUSHER, and continue to remain people I respect and admire today. YOUNG WIDOWS is still one of my favorite "heavy" bands going, and I feel somewhat privileged to have witnessed their progression.

What's included in this download is everything I could find by BREATHER RESIST that isn't on their two most widespread/album releases Only In The Morning and Charmer. I doubt it's everything non-album that they recorded, but its everything that I have or could find.

They released a handful of splits (w/ HARKONEN and SUICIDE NOTE), three additional singles ("Patent Cruciform Casket", "The Second Half" and "Full Of Tongues") and some additional tracks are included here as well, including demos/early versions of a couple songs that ended up reworked for YOUNG WIDOWS' debut album, Settle Down City. 17 tracks in total here, some of which have been available on blogs elsewhere, but most weren't ripped at a very good quality. I got as much of this direct from source as possible, and added in a few extra things that I've squirreled away over the years.

* download BREATHER RESIST - Non-Album Tracks (via MediaFire)
* download BREATHER RESIST - Non-Album Tracks (via RapidShare)
* download BREATHER RESIST - Non-Album Tracks (via SendSpace)

It should be noted that three tracks found in the download above are still in print on the split with SUICIDE NOTE, which is still available from Hawthorne Street. They had 15 copies left of this 2xCDep as of the blog posting, so please pick it up if you like those jams ("Rock N' Mass", "Bad With Dates" and "Working Title"). The two tracks from the "Patent Cruciform Casket" casket-shaped vinyl picture disc are also still available (see below).

We do our best to stock available BREATHER RESIST releases and their subsequent "members of" bands (PUSHER, YOUNG WIDOWS, BRAIN BANGER, BLACK CROSS, BAD SECRETS, etc) in our Online Store, so definitely check out some of this stuff if you like what you hear:

* BREATHER RESIST (and related) in the Robotic Empire - Online Store


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Italian Obscurities (?) + more stupid GODS & QUEENS shit

Our dawgs at Sons of Vesta records have made a section of their website full of free downloads that kinda mirrors this here blog: Lost & Found is what they're calling it.

Semi-related to Robotic Empire are the live ANCIENT SKY and PIZZA recordings from Richmond that are posted there, and fully-related to us is the GODS & QUEENS full EP they posted in full (with bonus QUICKSAND cover included)! That stuff and the other European jams they've posted are completely free and definitely worth checking out.

On that note, its worth mentioning that the GODS & QUEENS blog has been pretty hilarious (and insulting) lately. Plus, this old video they made never really got seen by anyone so its worth posting here too. Its from the 2nd track on the LP we released (just a few copies of that left):

So last but not least, we've got these fools' crap for sale:

* GODS & QUEENS in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

That includes the last of the debut LP we released (co-released w/ Adagio 830) and the physical 12" version of their newly imported EP, of which it seems we are the exclusive US distributor for? Pretty crazy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE - new songs + INSIDE OUT (!) cover

Just posted this on our twitter account but figured it was appropriate here too:

LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE (who we released a tape for a few years back) have posted 3 new songs online for free download, plus an INSIDE OUT (!) cover if you scroll down a bit:

Also semi-related is the old OMEGA MAN discography we posted a while back that LYOF features members of. Words.

Friday, May 21, 2010

MALADY - Demos

We were supposed to release the second MALADY album, but mid-way through the writing process Chris Taylor quit since he felt the band hadn't considered his vocals when writing the new songs. Not long after, the remaining members kicked out Johnny Ward since his drinking was getting in the way of his drumming (and general life functionality). I don't really know the full story, so definitely take all that with a grain of salt... that's just what I was told at the time.

What I do know is that what was supposed to become the sophomore MALADY album shapeshifted into the VERSE EN COMA ep, which ended up being a financial disaster since we spent a ton on the recording and it was only really 5 songs that just didn't sell all that well. The band never performed live under that name or lineup, and I don't even know if VERSE EN COMA vocalist Brian Markham (who went on to form ANCIENT SKY) ever even met everyone in the band... kind of a weird situation. Oh well.

What I'm posting here are two sets of MALADY demos. The first of which is a *super* early practice tape that I dubbed off Nathan from CRESTFALLEN when Chris Taylor played it for both of us on Nathan's boombox in Richmond one afternoon. I dunno that anyone really knew I was copying it, but if I hadn't this probably wouldn't now publicly exist since this was just for the band members to learn/rehearse the songs to. You can tell Chris' vocals are kinda temporary in a few spots, so take all that for what it's worth. Three songs (that all ended up on the album in the end) all on one MP3 file, since that's how I ripped it a million years ago.

The second set of demos is kinda late-MALADY, proto-VERSE EN COMA era. I think this is the stuff they gave to Chris which he wasn't too happy with. I'm not sure, but there's no vocals on these. I think these all have Johnny on drums still, sounding a little rough. Cool to hear, but yeah you can tell the band is sorta unraveling with this stuff. Best to jam the "self titled" MALADY album and the VERSE EN COMA "Rialto" EP, which coincidentally we still have a pile of.

* download MALADY - Demos (via MediaFire)
* download MALADY - Demos (via RapidShare)
* download MALADY - Demos (via SendSpace)

Again, raw/rough demos so don't expect studio-quality stuff exactly. A lot of what these guys have released over the years is now out of print, but if you want some physical products that these guys have put out, try the following:

* PG.99 stuff in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
* PYGMY LUSH stuff in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
* VERSE EN COMA stuff in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

Three obscurities (download) posts of Virginia bands in a row, with plenty more for down the road at some point. Lots to compile from all different eras of these dudes bands, so while it'll probably be a while, hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

Friday, May 7, 2010

GODS & QUEENS - New EP streaming + lyrics posted

Jamie Getz has unfortunately been a part of my life for years, not only as a smartass friend, but also providing the soundtrack for many workdays. Robotic Empire's stupidly done two releases with him, the shortlived trainwreck known as VERSOMA and the somehow-functional mess known as GODS & QUEENS.

With too many personal changes going on and the label really busy as of late, GODS & QUEENS found another home for their latest recordings, fortunately in the hands of our Italian friends Sons of Vesta... who got duped into releasing G&Q's latest 5-song EP. I personally love this release, been addicted to it since hearing the rough mixes and want everyone to check out the record streaming in its entirety for free right here.

In a classic fashion (like last time), Jamie emailed me the lyrics for the release in one large sloppy mess of a paragraph. It was almost indecipherable, so I chopped it up by song the best I could. For documentation purposes, here they are:

5 years ago and i'm still left guessing what would have happened if i wasn't depressed, and would you still be obsessing about all the bad things you've done? i've heard all about the weight you can't lift. i've heard all about how you're getting thin. i still remember the first time we met, the alcoholism, and your drug addled mess. but before we go and cut this off again...

i'm sorry that your family died. you expected this would take some time. you can't get yourself out of bed with all these childhood thoughts stuck in your head. so, i don't wanna know how you're doing, and i don't wanna hear about how you've been. you didn't know that her heart keeps beating, because machines kept her breathing.
i just wanna know how you're doing, i just wanna hear about how you've been. are you scared, and sick of being told that "it's alright", and "it's ok".

pacing around the house, hoping to find something new. turned the heat on, turned the heat off, even double checked the phone. it's like everything is happening someplace else. up and down the same 5 steps... there's nothing new. doesn't everything sound great when you're falling apart?

you said "you caught me, and it's a bad time", well, when do you thinks the best time i can call you back?

did you know i was married once just for fun? or that i almost died once? it was from drugs. please stop trying to reach me, please just leave me alone. you've been talking for hours, on your own. please stop trying to reach me, please just leave me alone.

That's it. Buy the EP from Sons of Vesta, or buy GODS & QUEENS crap from us too. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

PYGMY LUSH - 4 unreleased live songs

Over the years I've associated many changes to the record label with a certain group of musicians from Sterling, Virginia, specifically the Taylor brothers Mike & Chris and their surrounding friends. In the formative stages the first Robodog Records release was with pg.99 (split with my highschool band, Reactor No. 7), and even before then the first ever punk rock show I went to was in a basement to see the guys previous band, Nit Pic.

Years later when I "got serious" with the label and decided to change the name to Robotic Empire, a pg.99 7" release was again the (re)starting point. Throughout the years the label has evolved, and so have these musicians. Mannequin and then Pygmy Lush are just a couple of the bands the core dudes here formed that we went on to release records for... and I've only enjoyed their newest material more and more as the times go by.

Its no major surprise that I've associated another big life transition with some songs these guys have created. Pygmy Lush played in Richmond on October 24th, 2009 and it was easily one of my favorite sets seeing them play. They opened it up with a joint-set with Des Ark (playing songs they'd all written together in the weeks prior) and followed that with a set of a few oldies and 4 new goodies. Those 4 unreleased songs are what I'm posting here:

* download PYGMY LUSH - In a Hole (via MediaFire)
* download PYGMY LUSH - In a Hole (via RapidShare)
* download PYGMY LUSH - In a Hole (via SendSpace)

Brother JK "Jeeb" thankfully captured these songs via various microphones, and I am largely indebted to him as well as the band for giving me the soundtrack to some glorious yet difficult times. Songs can have different meanings from what you may take from the lyrics, but if anyone else out there gets even an instance of what I got from this stuff, I'm beyond satisfied. It can be a crazy world, and having a little audio help to get through it all can make a huge difference.

These were all recorded live so please keep that in mind when listening, and also that I have no idea what I'm doing with "mastering" so all I was able to do was make the recordings a bit louder... and thus, song to song the volume fluctuates a good bit. Jah willing these guys will actually get into a studio sooner than later to properly document these, and all the others that they're already cooking up. I can't wait to hear what they've got for us next, as they'll surely become the new soundtrack to an ever changing existence. Godspeed & peace out!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DRUGS OF FAITH - Collection (2002 Demo, 2004 Promo, 2008 Demo, Terrorized comp track)

This blog is something I wanted to make somewhat personal and give the backstory to all the music posted here, but the reality is "extra" time just isn't something that's likely to be in my sphere in the foreseeable future. So I'm just gonna post things here with the super down n' dirty, realquick explanation. Hope you dig the jams, that's what matters anyway.

I think this is all their demo/promo stuff but the Questions demo (which I've never actually seen or heard - if anyone has that plz post a link in the "comments"). Total grind n' roll from Richard "The Grindfather" Johnson, infamously of the longrunning and generally underappreciated ENEMY SOIL, and later INDEX and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED. The "mastering" is sort of hit and miss throughout these, but I normalized the volume the best I could for everything. Most of the pre-2008 songs ended up re-recorded for their debut "mini LP" on Selfmadegod Records. The 2008 demo has drummer extraordinaire Jake Cregger (TRIAC, HISSING CHOIR, JESUS OF NAZARETH, etc) and totally smokes! While he's not in the band anymore, it still sort of shows where DRUGS OF FAITH may be going, as they just announced a forthcoming sophomore album (yet again for release on Selfmadegod). Grindfather, hail!

* download DRUGS OF FAITH - 2002 Demo, 2004 Promo, 2008 Demo & Terrorized comp track - via MediaFire
* download DRUGS OF FAITH - 2002 Demo, 2004 Promo, 2008 Demo & Terrorized comp track - via RapidShare
* download DRUGS OF FAITH - 2002 Demo, 2004 Promo, 2008 Demo & Terrorized comp track - via SendSpace

* (Rich's longrunning & awesome free zine)