Sunday, April 1, 2001

EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Discography (sic[sic] + Mother Spain & The Wayfaring Myth)

It's pretty crazy to think that as of late September, 2010... we're only about 6 months away from the 10-year anniversary of EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE's debut full-length (and final recording) sic[sic]... which was catalog# ROBO 008 (still Robodog Records back then). I remember mailing a written letter to the Texas address inside their first 7" introducing myself and blindly offering to release whatever they cooked up next. Thankfully the band responded and we slowly got to know each other up through the album's completion.

We've been wanting to finish this for many years now, even having the audio professionally and carefully remastered back in 2006 (!) but the discography release has only just now seen the light of day. Chalk it up to a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that active, touring bands typically get priority over long disbanded, somewhat obscure ones. There's more to it than that (including a lot of artwork complications) but long story short... its finally done!

So here it is, your "free digital download", hopefully to accompany the LP you recently bought. We didn't want to spend extra on digital download cards for such a limited release, so consider this our DIY version.... poorly "hidden" as a post under the original sic[sic] CD release date. Enjoy!

* download EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Discography (via MediaFire)
* download EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Discography (via SendSpace)
* download EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Discography (via RapidShare)

Oh yeah, in the chance that you found this page but didn't actually order the physical discography LP, please pick it up here. Thanks!


  1. Totally cool that you did this. Glad to have digital files to go with my vinyl. Thanks!

  2. Seriously, I have this vinyl in the cart right now but it's here for the downloading? I'm buying it anyway, thats awesome.

  3. I've been putting it off, but I just bought my hard copy. It's on sale now BTW (23% off.) Always nice to have digi and hard copies of music!